Our Brand's Terms & Conditions

Graphic Design Disclaimers

We always recommend a test print of all print work. Whether it be a business card or anything print related, we highly recommend a test print. Errors found in the final print that weren't brought to Hi Rise Design Studio attention from the test print will not be the responsibility of our studio.

In the event that an error is found in the test print you could either:

  • Have the print company adjust the artwork
  • Bring it our attention and we work with you to adjust the artwork

After submission of final artwork the client is ultimately responsible for reviewing the artwork for content errors such as but not limited to; Images, Wording, Logos, Size Dimensions, Colors, etc before accepting it.

The colours and textures of our digital designs may be slightly or drastically different from the final printed product. This refers to all print work such as but not limited to; Labels, packaging, posters, billboards, shirt prints, flyers, brochures, business cards, etc.

Our studio takes zero responsibility for

  • Any errors made by print companies who adjust our artwork on your behalf.
  • Copyright strikes from content such as but not limited to fonts, images, sentences, logos, etc provided by you.
  • Printed artwork being faulty because of errors made by the print company
  • Poor contrasting colours that you provide after we tell you about it
  • Prints being different because of the material printed on

Usage Rights

If we create custom assets for you, you have full ownership of them to use as you see necessary.

All preparation materials, visuals and sketches, including all electronic files used to create the project remain the property of our studio.

If you fail to make payments for our artwork, we withhold the rights to all done work until payment is received.

All fonts that are licenced by our studio remains our property unless we explicitly give you access to said font (some licences do not allow for this)

All content bought/licensed by our studio such as but not limited to; images, illustrations, fonts, icons, etc. remain the property of our studio.

In the event you provide us with font files, we will ensure that your licence allows for this as most licences only allow 1 desktop installation.

Refund Policy

Our deposits are non-refundable and is generally a 50% deposit for larger projects, such as those who exceed $1000

We do not do refunds as all our artwork is specifically designed for you based on your idea or ideas. Satisfaction is guaranteed when working with our studio.

We withhold the right to cancel a project for but not limited to the following; bad temperament by you, extremely slow content delivery, extending a project long past it’s estimated timeframe, going MIA during the project, etc. 

Web Design & Development Disclaimers

We are affiliated with certain hosting & plugin providers meaning we get a commission for each person that buys a plugin or hosting from them. We don't make our clients buy plugins they don’t need or get hosting that doesn’t fit their needs.

We do not provide domains and with that we can’t ensure that the domain you want is available to you when you want to purchase it.

Our studio does not provide hosting and that means we are not responsible for the uptime and downtime of your website if there is ever any downtime.

We do not provide plugins, these are sourced from individual companies meaning that their pricing is not influenced by us.

As our studio does not provide hosting we have no access to your website after we’ve delivered it to you, meaning for us to make changes you’d need to be on one of our maintenance packages.

If you aren’t a part of our maintenance package you’ll need to keep all your plugins, themes, Wordpress PHP version and more updated.


Our websites are designed before we develop the live website, meaning we need your utmost cooperation to get through this stage with timely content submission and edits.

Our studio takes zero responsibility for

  • Any errors caused by lack of maintenance when not on our maintenance plans
  • Hacked of contaminated websites caused by a lack of maintenance or by letting other people into the backend of the website that aren’t us.
  • Any broken websites caused by you playing in areas of the backend that you aren’t supposed to be in or we didn’t train you to operate.

If you increase the scope of a project mid project, the new increase will be assessed in a new estimate.