Hi Rise Design Studio is a power packed one person design studio.

We do great things, for great people.

Hi Rise is a one person design studio, looking to change up the design game for businesses in saint lucia. Often times, brands ignore the power of design on the perceived value of their brand. As a studio we're looking to showcase how design can help businesses grow and flourish.

I'm Kevin, the strategic designer behind Hi Rise Design Studio.

I'm a young and passionate designer from the sunny Caribbean. I enjoy taking ideas and giving them life. Whether it be a website, brand identity or a graphic design. I just love the process and the outcome but most importantly, the impact it has for the person I made it for.

My very first design work

My journey as a designer & entreprenuer.

Growth stage - current

After completing a couple of projects, I'm now at a stage where I can now advise a client on the best solution for their problems. Now, my solutions are from a place of experience and I appreciate every mistake that I've made along the way.

I still have a lot to learn but, I've come a long way from the beginning and I'm proud of how far I've come. I want to say a big thank you to all the businesses that have used my services over the years and I look forward to continuing to be your #1 Design studio saint lucia.

The first project

Still in the conversation from earlier, it was brought to my attention that the business needed some standing signage and I was asked if I could do it. (I literally had NO EXPERIENCE with print design far less, signage.) I said, I could do it. Now, here I am googling the best practices for creating signs. Luckily, the device I was using already had Photoshop and I got to work right away.

After a couple revisions I was able to create a design that both of us liked but, It was unfortunately not the best solution for what was needed. Thankfully, it was a learning experience that I'll never forget.

The leap of faith

It all started in 2020, When my brother was setting his website up. I was looking at him and he asked me "why don't I learn how to build sites?" A few months after that, I started practicing creating websites using Wix.

A Bunch of personal projects later, I then switched to Webflow in 2021 as it provided easier development & faster speed. Fast forward a few months, here I am speaking to the the Owner of Cacoa Sainte Lucie trying to redesign her website but unfortunately someone else already got the job.

The goal for my design studio

The end game for my studio from my point of view is to introduce a new level of design to my little island of saint lucia. I see too many times that the smaller brands are showing up and the design they do show up with doesn't reflect their brand they want to be perceived. So, through my studio I want to help them breach the gap between their ideas and reality.

Along the way, I'd love to build a solid team of designers

I'm all for collaboration and exploration. I want to build a team of designers that all operate under Hi-Rise Design Studio. So that even in my absence the studio can still accomplish it's goal.

To teach and mentor younger designers

Another thing I'd love to do in the future is, to teach younger individuals to design and I don't only mean young people. All will be welcome.

To change the way design is viewed by businesses

Finally, I'd love to have businesses see design in a new light. Not just as a way to make their businesses look more appealing but as a medium for communication.

We create a high standard of work that people love.

Beverlyn D.
Lush Vacation Club

From the first contact, Kevin was exceptionally professional and great at attention to detail. He expressed a vision that I didn’t even realize that I had based on his few interactions with me.

He walked me through this whole process as I am not familiar with the ins and outs of web design and development. He was always available to answer questions and make changes.

I am giving him a 5 star/5 diamond rating out of 5. Thanks Again Kevin.

kershell D.
Polished & Pampered

Quality of work is EXCELLENT !, Very knowledgeable, informational & HELPFUL as well. Great experience.. Highly Recommend.

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